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Program Overview

When a person applies for the Texas Certified Florists' Program, that individual is on the way to becoming the best. You will join a select group of professionals who have made a commitment to individual excellence within the floral industry.

TMF Eligibility Requirements

After completion of the TSFA Education Application a TSFA Education Committee Member will administer the Texas Certified Florists' Qualifying Exam. The TCF Qualifying Exam is given to ensure your goal of becoming a successful Texas Master Florist is obtained. Passing this exam makes you eligible to enroll in the Texas Certified Florists Program.

Steps to Becoming a Texas Master Florist

  1.  Complete and return the TSFA Education Application available at www.tsfa.org or by calling the TSFA Office.
  2. Take and Pass the TCF Qualifying Exam. There is a $75 testing fee.
  3. After passing the TCF Qualifying Exam, you are eligible to register online for eight of the twelve courses in this certification program. The TSFA member cost per online course is $85.
  4. Register for the four hands-on courses. The TSFA member cost per hands-on course is $245 for each course.
  5. Once you have successfully completed all twelve courses, you may register for Texas Master Florists Final Exam. Testing fee is $100.

The Texas Certified Florist Course Content

Hands-on Courses

"Sympathy Design Styles and Techniques"

Funeral flowers are more than an expression of sympathy; they are symbols of faith and respect. In this workshop you will learn the Western Line, Standing Sprays and Mechanics, Casket Covers, Wreaths, Cremation and Memorial Services and more.

"Current Design Styles and Techniques"

In this workshop you will construct several of the most noteworthy and practical design styles - vase arrangements, vegetative, formalinear and parallel designs.

"Wedding Design Styles and Techniques"

A florist can make or break their reputation through their wedding flowers. In this workshop you will learn Corsages, Boutonnieres, Hairpieces, Hand-Tied Bouquets and more.

"Daily Business Procedures"

The goal of Daily Business Procedures is to acquaint the individual with the basic definitions and business procedures needed to operate a floral shop on a day to day basis.

Online Courses

Principles of Design

This course might well be called "Tools of Design". These principles are not arbitrary rules: they are constant guidelines.

Concepts of the Care and Handling of Foliage and Flowering Plants

Plants add a touch to our homes and brighten our indoor surroundings. In the course you will learn the Plant's Morphology, the Plant's Physiology, Plant Nomenclature and much more.

Care and Handling of Cut Flowers and Foliage

Cut flowers, even though they have been separated from the parent plant, are living, actively metabolizing plant parts. You will explore the factors affecting quality, tips for handling roses, pre-treatments and Care and Handling Terms.

Customer Relations

In today's market, our thoughts, plans and directions must be focused on those who make our business and its success possible, the customer.

Flower Shop Delivery Concepts

In today's 24-hour, self service society, few customer-oriented personalized services remain. Delivery is a service that is almost extinct in retailing and is the one commodity the floral industry has to keep customers coming to our shops.

The Art of Effective Visual Merchandising

Merchandising is anything that you do to develop your business and move your product. The course will show you how to prepare a merchandising calendar, explain productive use of space, design, lighting, signage and much more.

Employee Relations

A business cannot function effectively without people. Too many business owners and managers tend to neglect the human side of their operation. This course addresses locating qualified people, hiring techniques, interviewing, training, motivation and much more.

Advertising and Promotion

In today's advertising market the consumer is over exposed to commercial messages. You must get noticed. This course will provide you tools for success.

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