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This is an unprecedented time.  The TSFA events that are currently planned are subject to change, depending on guidelines from local and national governmental health organizations.  The health and safety of our members is our highest priority.  TSFA will continue to share updates throughout our website and in our Texas in Bloom Magazines.

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TSFA provides its membership with a variety of services to help them save money and increase security through benefits for owners and employees, sponsorship of training programs, and updates on developing trends in this ever-changing industry.  Thank you Texas Floral Underwriters for making floral education in Texas possible!

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Take the 7 Online Classes and 3 Hands On Classes by April 2021 and be recognized as a TMF at TSFA's upcoming Floral EXPO in Houston, TX June 25th.-27th.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Texas Floral Expo 2021

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You will Experience it all at the Texas Floral Expo 2021.

TSFA will hold the Texas Floral Expo at the Westin Galleria in Houston, Texas.  The Westin Galleria is now accepting hotel reservation with the special rate of $124.00 per night for TSFA attendees. 

Please click on the link below before June 2, 2021 to make your hotel reservation.


The Texas Floral Expo provides world class education at an amazing value! Design and Business offered in sync is the best possible education whether your passion is design or whether you feel the need to expand your business skills.

Registration coming soon...

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The TEXAS in Bloom provides useful articles on a variety of floral related subjects. The monthly publication presents new ideas on ways to make your business more successful, keeps you up-to-date on issues of concern to the industry and provides upcoming events. The magazine is mailed to all TSFA members monthly, except July. The TSFA Membership Directory, published in July, contains information on events, a membership roster, lists of officers, directors and committees. Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, growers and service organizations may contract to place advertising in the TEXAS in Bloom.

The Membership Directory, published in July of each year, is distributed to all Texas State Florists' Association Members and Event Attendees.

TEXAS in Bloom will be mailed on or around the first of every month.


TSFA Knowledge Base, Level 1 and Level 2 Floral Certifications included on the 2020 - 2021 TEA
approved list of Industry Certifications. Virtual Testing now available for hands-on Level 1 Certification.

by: TSFA Staff 
Updated 02/04/2021

The Texas State Florists’ Assn. has developed a platform that will offer students to Level 1 floral certification test in the classroom, proctored by the Floral Design Teacher.  This platform is similar to the current testing application, however, the Floral Design Teacher will be able to schedule the testing date, proctor the test in the classroom, upload the photos using any smartphone or device.  The student’s designs will be graded by the TSFA Education Specialists using the 2020 Rubrics located on this webpage below. The Level 1 Floral Certification Virtual Testing Platform launched in December 2020.  Where allowed, during this current social distancing situation, TSFA will also continue to schedule in-person certification testing. Register your students today: 
Knowledge Based Registration Form       Level 1 Floral Certification Registration Form

Thank you to everyone who attended the ATAT Professional Development Conference this year!
by: TSFA Staff  I ATAT
Updated 8/25/2020

The Level 1 and Level 2 Floral Certification workshops that were held on Monday had over 150 participants! TSFA and ATAT would like to thank each and everyone of you for attending the workshops.  TSFA is proud to be able to offer a new series for teachers called TSFA Classroom in 2020. Teachers and students may view these new series of videos under Teachers/TSFA Classroom.  Thanks again for to all who make floral education possible in Texas! Specials thanks to the American Floral Endowment for supporting floral education and their contribution to the presentation of the Level 1 and Level 2 Floral Design Instruction Videos.

TSFA Classroom
by: TSFA Staff 
Updated 01/25/2021

Attention Teachers! Check out our Educational videos under TSFA Classroom. These videos are built for classroom use.  They showcase the techniques needed for floral design certifications so they can be on their way into a career of floral design! 

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