Navigating Business During COVID-19

TSFA is sharing information from State and Federal Agencies so that you may make an informed decision based on your individual circumstances. 

TSFA's ongoing relationship with TDA has continued communication during this unprecedented time, resulting in Floriculture being an essential business in the Commissioner's Letter to Governor Abbott#texasfloraldesign

Latest changes to PPP Rules and Requirements
by: Derrick Myers 
Posted 12/22/2020

Derrick Myers CPA CFP PFCI worked with TSFA in April of 2020 to present a Virtual Learning segment to help navigate PPP loans, "Discussion on Economic Relief/Stimulus and how it applies to you." Now he brings us updates in his latest blog post on these loans.  See Navigating Business during COVID-19 under the TSFA On Demand tab or you may also visit Crockett Myers for more information.

Good Business, Support Your New Hires!
by: TSFA Staff  I Texas Workforce Commission  I  Posted 7/10/2020

As a Texas employer, you are an essential partner to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). TWC’s mission is to promote and support a workforce system that creates value and offers employers, individuals, and communities the opportunity to achieve and sustain economic prosperity. While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to how Texas employers do business, the TWC continues to offer our full support. 

On June 3, Governor Greg Abbott issued Executive Orders announcing the third phase of the plan to reopen businesses and activities in Texas. This results in more employers hiring new or rehiring former employees as they reopen their businesses. TWC wants to remind all employers how important it is to follow the statute to report your new hires and rehires to the Office of the Attorney General’s (OAG) New Hire Reporting Program. 

Federal and State laws require all employers to report new hires and rehires within 20 calendar days of the hire date. Reporting both newly hired individuals and the rehiring of former employees assists TWC in detecting and preventing fraud within the Unemployment Insurance (UI) system. Using the new hire information, TWC can identify UI claimants who have returned to work to ensure earnings are reported. If employers do not report new hire information, TWC cannot identify these claimants until the employer files its quarterly UI taxes. This delay in reporting increases the average overpayment from approximately $416 to $878 per claim. 

Reporting new hires prevents unnecessary payments of UI benefits, which reduces taxes that employers pay. In addition, reporting new hires and rehires to the OAG helps the state hold parents accountable for delinquent child support. 

Visit the Office of the Attorney General’s website for more information.  There are multiple ways to report new hires and you can choose the option that is best for you. It’s not just the law…it’s good business! 

If you offered any of your employees a chance to return to work and they refused, TWC needs to know. Please report each individual who refused to return to work on our online Employer Work Refusal Documentation form. (

If you used funds from a Paycheck Protection Program loan to pay wages and suspect the employee may have received unemployment benefits for the same period, please report the information to TWC at Include the employee’s name and last 4-digits of their Social Security number, if available.

Texas Coronavirus Resourses and Responses
Posted 7/9/2020  I  by: TSFA Staff  I Office the Texas Governor  I  Gregg Abbott

"The state of Texas is strong; our people, resilient.

As we have seen in years past, when tested by fire, flood, or hurricane, Texans respond with resilience and calm resolve. And just as we overcame those challenges, we will overcome this one.

When neighbors help neighbors, our resilience is redoubled.

I have no doubt that Texans will continue to work together in that spirit over the coming days and weeks.

And we are here to help."

-Governor Greg Abbott

Open Texas Wedding Venues Checklist
Posted 6/4/2020  I  by: TSFA Staff

Wedding venues and the services required to conduct weddings may operate. Outdoor venues should be used when possible. Weddings held inside a facility other than a church are limited to 50% of the total listed occupancy of the facility. Employees and contractors of the wedding venue are not counted towards the 50% occupancy limitation...

Governor Abbott Announces Phase III to Open Texas
Posted 6/4/2020  I  by: TSFA Staff I Office of the Texas Governor  I  Gregg Abbott

WHEREAS, I, Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, issued a disaster proclamation on March 13, 2020, certifying under Section 418.014 of the Texas Government Code that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) poses an imminent threat of disaster for all counties in the State of Texas; and...

The Texas Designer of the Year 2020 Competition has been cancelled
Posted 6/2/2020  I  by: TSFA Staff

The State Fair of Texas has determined they are unable to include any presentations this year due to the new rules in place.  The TSFA Executive Board has determined that it is best not to hold the competition in 2020 and look to 2021 with great anticipation.

Paycheck Protection Program Forgiveness Application & Additional Rules
Posted by: TSFA Staff  I May 28, 2020  I  01:30 PM CST

On May 15, 2020, the Small Business Administration (“SBA”) released the loan forgiveness application (“Application”) for borrowers who participated in the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”).

The Application, together with the accompanying instructions and worksheets, provide step by step assistance and guidance for forgiveness of up to 100% of the principal amount of the loans under the PPP and a summary is provided below.

In addition, on May 22, 2020, the SBA published two Interim Final Rules (the “Rules”) providing further clarity on PPP loan forgiveness requirements, the loan review process and the responsibilities of borrowers and lenders.

You can find out more about whether your business qualifies for the PPP loan on the U.S. Department Of The Treasury website or Congress Passed More Funding for the Paycheck Protection Program

Clarification to Governor’s Executive Order issued last week 
Posted by: TSFA Staff  I  May 5, 2020  I  01:15 PM

“Funerals, memorials, burials, weddings, they are all treated the same as Church services that have limited seating arrangements.” For  Wedding Receptions look at the restaurant standards and comply to those standards.” “The positive results we are seeing are the results of one thing.  Texans have been following guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19.” Essential Businesses can operate while slowing the spread. 

Governor Abbott Issues Executive Order Relating To The Expanded Reopening Of Services
Posted by: TSFA Staff  I  April 28, 2020 | Austin, Texas | Proclamation

Social Media and Social Distancing: Creating Authentic Digital
Engagement in the Era of COVID-19

Presented by: Ashley DeFranco
Posted by: TSFA Staff  I  April 24, 2020  I  5:00 PM CST

Download PowerPoint Presentation from the Virtual Learning Session,
Social Media and Social Distancing: Creating Authentic Digital Engagement
n the Era of COVID-19

A Time to Build  I  An Interactive Demo
Presented by: Stacey Bal AIFD EMC
Posted by: TSFA Staff  I  April 17, 2020  I  5:00 PM CST

Discussion on Economic Relief/Stimulus and how it applies to you
Presented by: Derrick Myers CPA CFA PFCI
Posted by: TSFA Staff  I  April 10, 2020  I  5:00 PM CST

Download PowerPoint Presentation from the Virtual Learning Session,
Discussion on Economic Relief/Stimulus and how it applies to you

Coronavirus information: TSFA follows the guidance and expertise of national and local health officials to help protect our students and staff from all communicable diseases. TSFA is aware that The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is monitoring an outbreak of respiratory illness (COVID-19) caused by a novel (new) coronavirus. Everyone is encouraged to visit CDC website for more information and travel guidance regarding the Coronavirus.

We continue to be in communication with our local partners and stand ready to take all appropriate measures.

The Texas State Florists’ Association is sad about canceling our events this year; however, the safety and well-being of our guests and communities is our top priority. Out of precaution, the TSFA Board of Directors have decided that this is the best course of action for our members and the communities the events were scheduled.

We look forward to the remainder of the 2020 Texas Floral Events. We will provide additional information as it becomes available.

As a reminder, the CDC always recommends everyday preventive actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, including:

CDC Print Materials for Business Use 
COVID-19 CDC Print Resources

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