TSFA's innovative approach to Virtual Learning will encompass a variety of subjects hosted by a wealth of talent!  The selected subjects will address the most relevant of topics and highlight the most creative of techniques.  Immediately following the Live Presentation and Demonstration, each will be catalogued at tsfa.org

It's new!  It's Original!  It is available to you, to learn at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home 24/7!  It's TSFA ON DEMAND!

In the event a hands-on component is included in the lesson, a notation is made to the side of the listing below.  Click TSFA Virtual Hands-On and review the list of needed materials!  Perhaps you have the list on hand at the shop or can take time to purchase from your local wholesaler.  When possible TSFA encourages you to purchase from the Texas Floral Education Underwriters located at the bottom of each page of the TSFA website.  Hands-On is certainly not required to take part in the session.  More good news is that with the class catalogued at TSFA ON DEMAND, you may gather the materials in advance or at your convenience and go back and watch the techniques again and again!

                                                                       State of the Art Techniques


Creative Transformations
Take what you have, you have what it takes! The art of alchemy is the focus for this transformative discussion. Shift, alter, upgrade your way to new heights.
Stacey Bal AIFD EMC

Organic Structures
LIVE Sunday, June 28th  I  3 PM CST
Functional interdependence and reciprocity of organic materials and flowers undoubtedly result in a  symbiotic relationship. Join me for an in depth focus on the methodology at the core of the process of these constructions, the awareness of and value attached to them, and the emotional impact of a custom creation.
Stacey Bal AIFD EMC


California Wildflowers
LIVE Friday, July 17th  I  3 PM CST
Material driven, earthy designs will be featured in these wildflower and dried crossover demonstrations. Join me as I experiment with mixing eclectic textures and colors.
Stacey Bal AIFD EMC


Let's Focus on Foliage
LIVE Friday, August 14th  I  3 PM CST
Celebrate change! With the spotlight on greens, discover new ways to highlight long lasting, cost effective, and easy to procure foliage.
Stacey Bal AIFD EMC


Kokedama Centerpiece
LIVE Friday, September 25th  I  3 PM CST
A stunning alternative to traditional centerpieces, a kokedama collection is a fresh way to set the tone at the table. A few surprising additions elevate this crowd favorite.
Stacey Bal AIFD EMC


One Bouquet, Three Ways
LIVE Friday, October 23rd  I  3 PM CST
Explore the possibilities of taking different paths on the same journey! Expand the potential of your designs and each material with out of the box edits and re-imagined silhouettes.
Stacey Bal AIFD EMC


Neo Minimal
LIVE Friday, November 20th  I  3 PM CST
Whether your limitations are dictated by space, availability, or budget learning effective ways to approach thoughtful minimal designs with intention is a great way to reset. Effective and powerful communication can be achieved with just a single stem and the right techniques.
Stacey Bal AIFD EMC


                                                    TSFA Virtual Events 

Surviving a Corona Summer
LIVE Friday, June 19  | 3 p.m. CST
Derrick Myers CPA CFA

Patriotic Inspired Design
Thursday, July 2  | 3 p.m. CST 
Laura Dowling

Summer Blooms
LIVE Friday, July 31  | 3 p.m. CST
Charlie Groppetti AIFD

Maximize 4th Quarter Sales 
LIVE Friday, August 28  | 3 p.m. CST
Tim Farrell AIFD 

LIVE Friday, September 11  | 3 p.m. CST
Laura Dowling CONFIRMED

Fall in the Garden
LIVE Friday, October 9  | 3 p.m. CST
Charlie Groppetti AIFD

Wreath Design
LIVE Friday, November 6  | 3 p.m. CST
Laura Dowling CONFIRMED

Park Hill Home or Park Hill Farm at Christmas
LIVE Friday, December 4  | 3 p.m. CST
Charlie Groppetti AIFD

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