Uncork Success - Deliver Texas Wine with Your Flowers

In order to sell and ship wine into Texas a retailer must first obtain a “Q” Wine Only Package Store Permit. This permit allows the holder to ship wine purchased from a Texas winery or Texas wholesaler to the end consumer in the county where the holder’s permit is issued. Wine may only be shipped utilizing a “C” Common Carrier Permit holder. FedEx, UPS and several others hold a Common Carrier’s Permit with TABC. If you are unsure of a carrier’s permit status, be sure to contact your local TABC office.

In order for the holder of a “Q” Wine Only Package Store Permit to deliver wine, they must obtain a “E” Local Cartage Permit. The Local Cartage permit allows the holder to deliver wine directly to a consumer within the county where the holder’s permit is issued.

A Texas retailer is prohibited from shipping or delivering wine outside the county of which the permit is issued with one exception. If the permit is issued in a city of which the city limits encompass multiple counties, the wine may be delivered into another county provided it is within two miles of the city limits for which the permit is issued.

Finally, if you wish to provide consumer samples at your permitted location, you must first obtain a package store tasting permit. The permit allows the holder to provide consumer samples in accordance with Section 52.01 of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.

Q Wine Only Package Store Permit
$703 (2 year permit)
E Local Cartage Permit
$262 (2 year permit)
PS Package Store Tasting Permit
$226 (2 year permit)

To apply for these permits please fill-out the off-premise prequalification pack. For questions about the application process or to submit your application, please contact your local TABC licensing office.

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